What is “It’s Character Building”?

Well, it's me, Laura Graham, a Northampton-based freelance writer, development specialist and community activist trying to make a positive difference to this crazy world we’re all living in.


Through writing.  I'm a freelance writer and content creator which means I help my clients communicate with their audience. I develop social media campaigns, website content, press releases, newsletters, pretty much anything which allows you to direct your message. I work with charities,  universities, sole traders, SME's and corporates. 


Through development. I design and deliver blended learning interventions to help people move forward and achieve their potential. I work with orginisations and individuals to deliver interventions covering topics such as resilience, communication and well-being. 

What makes me qualified?

Well, I have a Business degree if that's what you're looking for! More than that though, a combination of life experience and 20 years' professional experience have helped me hone my storytelling skills. During my career, I have worked in the public, private and third sectors which means I understand what makes different organisations tick. 

What brought me here?

The main thing would be losing my mum to breast cancer in 2009. As you'd expect, that event changed my life but taught me more about myself and other people than I ever could have learnt otherwise. It also made me realise life is short and you should love what you do, which is why I have my own business. 


The name of my business was inspired by my late mum who would tell me whenever anything bad happened, “It’s Character Building” and she couldn’t have been more right.

What next?

Take a look around! Check out the services I offer and learn about what my clients say about me. If you don’t see what you need/want it's not a problem, hop over to the "Say Hello" page and get in contact.