Allow me to reintroduce myself

October 17, 2018

I’ve had a little rest from the blog because I felt like I’d run out of things to say, that what I was saying wasn’t important and that the blog wasn’t doing what I wanted it to do. Since then, I went to the Nizplopi songwriting retreat, gained some much-needed inspiration (See my last blog) and launched my first ever podcast series. So in the words of the almighty Jay-Z (who I never thought I would be quoting on this blog), allow me to reintroduce myself.

So who am I and what am I doing?

A question I ask myself daily…..

Well, fundamentally “who I am” is a human being, just like you. A person who is flawed, who has made horrendous decisions and fucked up more times than I care to remember, just like you. A person who has broken hearts and had mine broken a few times too, just like you. Someone who has suffered immeasurable loss, just like you.

I’m also someone who is no longer worried about admitting that I don’t always feel well, mentally. I have really weird, seemingly unprompted lows that I find difficult to understand. I also have this relatively new issue (which I will be writing about in the future) called anxiety which is really fucking annoying. The mental health struggle is real and something that I’ve ignored for years but finally I’m pushing for professional help. See that’s something else that might be just like you – I’m great at listening and helping other people with their problems but not always so great at taking my own advice.

I’m also a person who believes in community and the power of human connections. Despite my mental health challenges (which are normal by the way) I am actually a very positive and resilient person.  I believe in the good in people and I seek it out every day. I laugh a lot. Some days it’s a little chuckle or an internal giggle. Other days it’s a big belly laugh that has me scared I’ll wee my pants a little bit. I care deeply about people. Sometimes that’s to my detriment but on the whole, it has allowed me to attract some beautiful humans into my life.

So what is “It’s Character Building” and what is the purpose of this blog?

Well, after 2 years of blogging I’m pretty pleased to say that after lots of reflection, the purpose of the blog is exactly the same as the first day I started.

“It’s character building” is what my late mum said about anything difficult in life. I wanted to write about the shitty things I’ve encountered and how I overcame them (or attempt to overcome them) in the hope that my words might help one other person. That’s it. That’s really the guiding principle, it’s to help other people and by default, help myself.

It’s not about posting every Wednesday just for consistency’s sake. It’s not about having thousands of social media followers and getting weird ratings that mean companies will pay me to promote their products. It’s not about posting ridiculously staged and filtered photos on Instagram that in no way reflect my real life and only serve to make other people feel crappy.

All I’m here to do is to be as real as possible and hopefully say things that connect with others. I might be right or wrong but I’ll be me and that’s the point.

So yeah, I’m not sure how frequently I’ll be posting blogs… it’ll be whenever I feel inspired and compelled to do so. There are a fuck tonne you can read (or re-read) if you’re craving a dose of straight talking optimism. And if you like what I’m doing please feel free to share, print out and send to your Nana, whatever you like. Because helping that one other person is something we can all do together.

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