What was it like to be queer in the ’90s?

February 14, 2021
Fucking shit. The end. Only joking…..kind of. Let me start by saying I was born mid-way through 1983 so I grew up in the ’90s, entering the decade aged 6 and leaving it as an awkward 16-year-old. It would...

Bye For Now

April 26, 2020
I started the blog as a hobby. A way of letting out my thoughts and anonymously sharing a bit of me with the world. Writing is now my career and as a freelancer, it has taken me away from...

Anxiety Survival Guide

March 18, 2020
I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a while. In fact, I’ve been meaning to write a bunch of blog posts for a while but life keeps getting in the way. In case you’ve been living under...

Modern Dating is Fucked Up

January 11, 2020
It turns out I have a lot to say about modern dating, so this is part one of a series of blogs on the subject. Buckle up married readers, you’re in for an education…. As you know, I don’t...

Loneliness Lock-In

December 9, 2019
I’m not unaccustomed to loneliness. It feels like it’s been a friend of mine for a while. Social isolation plays a big part in my own personal experience of loneliness. Living alone, being 36, single and childless forces me...

Support Local?

September 5, 2019
As a self-confessed champion of my town, I am the first to encourage residents and visitors alike to support local. When I say “local”, I mean things created by people who live in my community, for my community. It’s...

3 Years of It’s Character Building

August 25, 2019
Three years ago, something compelled me to set up a blog and start writing. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t even really know what a blog was, I just knew I needed to do something...

I didn’t think this through

July 2, 2019
Regular readers of the blog will know that I like to lead what some might consider to be, an unconventional life. Well, I’m pushing convention to the limit this month as I embark on something that could either be...
that'll do

That’ll Do Won’t Do

June 3, 2019
How many times have you said to yourself, “Oh that’ll do!” about something. It might have been about your dinner after looking into a bare fridge and opting for toast. It might have been what you told yourself after...