Relationships that are as unique as us

January 17, 2018
Ok, so it’s weeks like this when I realise how much work I still have left to do on myself and my relationships with others. I thought I was pretty sorted when it comes to friendships. Mainly because I...

Get it Together

April 1, 2017
My grandparents were married for over 50 years. My parents were married for over 30. They were examples of “til death do us part” which you don’t see too often. Pretty much all of my friends are married with...

How to get the fuck over it

September 21, 2016
You see I’m not very good at relationships. I’ll re phrase that, I’m great at some relationships. Friendships I’m pretty damn good, work relationships, sorted. Father/daughter relationship, gotta say, I’m the shit. Romantic relationships…..forget about it. And no, this is not...