Kelly’s Experience of Sexual Harassments

March 21, 2021
*Content warning: Sexual Harassment* I have opened my blog to those who need to share their thoughts and feeling following the Sarah Everard murder and discussion around violence against women. Huge thank you to Kelly for sharing her experience...
sexual harassment

Why Have 97% of Women Experienced Sexual Harassment?

March 17, 2021
*Content Warning: Rape, murder, violence against women, racism* We learn young. I was four years old when I learnt that my body isn’t my own. I had started infants school and a boy had taken a shine to me....

Anxiety Survival Guide

March 18, 2020
I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a while. In fact, I’ve been meaning to write a bunch of blog posts for a while but life keeps getting in the way. In case you’ve been living under...

Loneliness Lock-In

December 9, 2019
I’m not unaccustomed to loneliness. It feels like it’s been a friend of mine for a while. Social isolation plays a big part in my own personal experience of loneliness. Living alone, being 36, single and childless forces me...

Snake Charming

February 19, 2019
So apparently I’m a positivity blogger? That’s a thing, right? Before you start, I know I haven’t done much of the blogging stuff lately but I do have an excuse. I’ve been making money – woo hoo! Slowly, very...

Stop Being an Impostor in Your Own Life

October 31, 2018
Why is it that when things start to go well, my brain kicks in with a bunch of sabotaging thoughts and self-doubts? Well, I learned recently that it happens to a lot of us and what I have been...

Pro Kind Project

April 19, 2018
So this week’s post is a little different. I’ve written before about the dangers of social media, the comparison and the fake bullshit, but actually, it’s not all bad. For me, InstragramΒ is one of the more positive spaces especially...
Expectation vs reality

Expectation vs Reality

March 28, 2018
When I was 15, my expectation of life was that I would be married with two children by the age of 25. It felt like such a long time away and that type of life and timescale seemed perfectly...
The Happy You Project

The Happy You Project

February 21, 2018
I wroteΒ Do it AnywayΒ to let you know about how I had quit my full time job in the hope of making It’s Character Building a business. I figured that spreading happy vibes had been going so well that maybe...