Volunteering has changed my life on so many levels. Writing for do-it has helped encourage others to take up voluntary opportunities. The site is amazing for finding opportunities locally. Click the icon to read about my experience. 

Losing my Mum to breast cancer was life-defining. I am a regular guest blogger for Macmillan and love sharing my story with their audience. I write about grief and have been able to help people on a large scale. Click the icon to view my contributions. 

This paper really was the catalyst for the blog. It is created by the lovely Emily Coxhead and celebrates all that is positive in the world. I have been lucky enough to contribute and add to the lovely stories of hope.

I love where I live and I want to help shine a light on the amazing things happening in Northamptonshire. I get to do this for an amazing website that acts as a living directory of all that is cool. Click the icon to check out what I've been talking about locally. 

Happiful is another positive publication that looks to share uplifting stories. I am a regularly feature writer for Happiful. Click the icon to read my latest article. 

I am keen to write for more publications / websites / organisations on topics such as mental health, positivity, volunteering, community and wellbeing. Contact me if you like my writing and want me to produce content for you.