Friends Again

February 13, 2017

My very beautiful and lovely friend reminded me that I haven’t done a follow up to my blog post The “C” Word. Now, I think it’s because I spent Christmas with her and her family and she wants to see in print how amazing her Christmas dinner was (it really was fucking awesome by the way). Nevertheless, she is right and given we’re half way through February and Christmas seems like a lifetime ago, I really need to get this update done!

You’ll remember I’m not a Christmas fan. I’m not going to go over the reasons why, you can read about that (if you want to….no pressure) by clicking here.

So where did we leave off? Oh yeah, I’d made a list of things to do to try and create the Christmas magic that I’d lost. So how did I get on? Well, pretty good as it goes:

  • Actually have a Christmas tree and decorations in my house

This happened. Like actually happened. And I didn’t piss about either. This wasn’t some arty spray painted twig in a pot from Ikea, this was a full on 6 foot tall (fake) Christmas tree. Tinsel, baubles, the works. I’m still finding glitter everywhere. It’s the Winter equivalent of sand in your shoe. Another friend (also beautiful and lovely) bought me these two little clear glass snowmen that light up because she’d read my blog and wanted to make me happy. So these little fellas, the tree, Merry Christmas bunting, and other various decorations adorned my house for a whole month.

  • Attend a carol service

I’m an Atheist, so this one’s a bit weird. Obviously I know Christmas is about Jesus (as well as having it’s roots in Pagan midwinter festivals) but the carol service I went to was a bit heavy on the nativity chat and a bit light on the singing. It was a Christmas Eve kids service too which was a bit of a mistake. I don’t think I could have looked weirder on my own in a church full of young families. BUT, I went, I stayed until the end, I enjoyed what there was of the singing and went to the pub after and got shit faced. So everyone’s a winner.

  • Spend Christmas day with one of my dearest friends and her family

Because of said shit-faced-ness above, to say I was a bit tired on Christmas day is an understatement. Luckily, with two young boys in the mix and a very accommodating friend, they didn’t mind when I had a little power nap on the sofa after lunch. I was worried I’d feel like I was gate crashing someone else’s Christmas. No chance of that! My friend and her husband are the most welcoming of hosts and given that I see them often, they really do make sure I am treated, and feel, like an extension of their family

  • Watch top 5 favourite Christmas films

I failed this on. Boooooo!!!! I recorded Home Alone and It’s a Wonderful Life but didn’t get chance to watch them but I managed to watch Love Actually twice and Miracle on 34th Street so I didn’t do too badly. It was sooooooo good to watch them! I hadn’t seen them in years so they felt fresh and even better than I remembered.

  • Go to a German market and get drunk on mulled wine

I went to a fantastic German market in Bulgaria the first weekend in December. While I didn’t get drunk, I did partake in mulled wine (which is rank by the way) and the most amazing Bratwurst (which made up for the mulled wine).

I did a couple of other things that weren’t on my original list that helped get me in the festive spirit; Panto and Paris. I went to Panto with my sister and her family to see Aladdin with Cannon and Ball (remember them?!) I hadn’t seen my nieces for a long time and it was brilliant to see them. I actually also enjoyed the Panto itself, it was ridiculous and fantastic in equal measure. Paris was a last minute thing helped along by a third off Eurostar tickets through my work. I’ve been to Paris twice before but this was my favourite trip. Seeing the Eiffel tower sparkle was quite a sight.

The final thing that helped me and Christmas become friends again was the best advent calendar in the world. I’d been sent individually wrapped gifts to open each day in the run up to Christmas. They included books, CD’s, smellies, chocolates and lots of other thoughtful treats. This was orchestrated by my best friend and was the most lovely thing anyone has ever done. It wasn’t about the gifts (although they were amazing) it was the fact he took the time to think about and arrange something that would make me happy. And that, along with everything else, reminded me of the magic of Christmas. For me, it’s about making other people happy, being grateful for what I have and remembering how lucky I am to have all these beautiful humans around me.


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