I didn’t think this through

July 2, 2019

Regular readers of the blog will know that I like to lead what some might consider to be, an unconventional life. Well, I’m pushing convention to the limit this month as I embark on something that could either be the worst idea I’ve ever had OR stroke of utter genius.

I’ll be honest with you, I have just emerged from a massive low. Like, big. One that I knew if I didn’t do something drastic about, would suck me under. You see breakup number a-hundred-and-whatever dragged out over a 6 month period and hit me pretty hard. The danger I could see was that I might slip down the “Everyone is a cunt” avenue because of the less than favourable actions of the most recent and previous bunch of exes. (What is the plural for ex partners?….answers on a postcard)

Well no. Not today. I will not let those people and my anxious and depressive brain sabotage my life.  I need to get back on the horse, rip off the plaster and all those other fish-in-the-sea, if-it’s-meant-to-be bollocky cliches. So then something popped into my brain…..why not just challenge myself to go on a date with anyone who asks me for a full month? Genius! It worked for the girl on Netflix so maybe it’ll work for me? At worst it’ll make for great blog fodder, at best I could find the love of my life!! Cool, 0.2 nano seconds after the idea enters my brain, it’s on my insta story. Because that’s what we all do now, right? If it’s not online, it doesn’t count. So it’s the morning of Sunday 31st June. I post this idea and think nothing of it.

The plan was that I’d use the dating app, Bumble, and from the people that I message (coz girls make the first move on that platform) if any of them asked me out, I’d have to say yes. So maybe I might get one date during July but at least I’d be forcing myself to actually go. Ha! The universe aka Instagram, had a different plan. Within an hour, I had my first date request.

To say that people are invested in this challenge is an understatement. It is by far, the topic I’ve had the most messages about. People are loving it! So as it stands on the 2nd July I already have 3 dates booked. Look, I’m not showing off, I’m genuinely shocked. It’s really got me thinking about modern dating and why this weird challenge has been taken into people’s hearts so quickly. Sure, there’s something perverse about playing out my dating life to an audience. It is undeniably narcissistic and the parallels between this experiment and Black Mirror are clear for all to see. But actually this forum is keeping me accountable. I can’t back out of my dates at the last minute like I normally would because not only will my dates know, but a few hundred people who watch my insta stories will know too.

Plus it’s given permission to people to ask me out. They don’t have to fear rejection because I have to say yes (unless they’re a murderer, have a monogamous partner or live over an hour away from me). Two of the three people I’ve arranged dates with, I already know in real life. Would they have asked me out had I not posted this challenge online? I’ll never know. But I’d bet that one of them definitely wouldn’t have. When I think about the people I know in real life and online, there are quite a few that I would ask out if I knew I wouldn’t be rejected. But of course, I won’t because I’m too scared. This experiment takes some of that fear away for the asker.  The stakes don’t seem as high.

So yeah, this shit just got real. It’s happening. I’m doing it! If anyone would like to follow this mess as it unfolds, join me on my Instagram and have a look at the #YesToDate highlight to catch up!

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