I Don’t Have Time

July 19, 2017

Hello lovely people!

I’ve been a bit quiet lately because I’ve literally been all over the place… 3 countries and over 1000 miles travelled in the last week for work and fun. That said, I’ve been too tired to write. *sad face

However, I did write a little something for do-it.org which is the most fantastic website for finding volunteering opportunities.

I know I bang on a lot about volunteering but it’s only because it is so much fun and gives me so much happiness that I want everyone to be able to experience it.

Anyway check out what I wrote via the link below and see how you CAN fit in volunteering even if you’re mad busy like me. 💜

I don’t have time

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  1. Hey, I read your blog post over there but not sure how to comment over there, so I’ll leave a comment here. I totally agree with you. Volunteering is really flexible. I’m a full-time university student, part-time event safety steward & part-time radio presenter. I also blog & Volunteer as a youth worker & have just got involved volunteering with two charities. There’s always a way to slot volunteering around everything else & those who say they are too busy, really aren’t trying hard enough! Also, sadly there are some people in this day & age who can’t understand why you would volunteer because they don’t care about anyone other than themselves. I once did a sponsored silence in high school to raise money for children in need. I stayed silent for a full day from when I woke up to when I went to my bed. I had a friend at the time who told me it was unfair because she couldn’t talk to me normally for a day where I wrote everything I wanted to say down. I thought this was quite mean that she said it’s unfair because she can’t talk to me for ONE DAY. Some people will never understand, but it’s up to the majority of us to do as much as we can.

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