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April 13, 2017

I forget sometimes that not everyone who reads my blog follows me on twitter or instagram and that I really should use the blog to let you know what I’m doing outside of this platform! Sorry, my bad.

So you’ll remember I wrote for Macmillan a while ago, well they were gracious enough to allow me to write again. This time the blog was about coping with bereavement on Mother’s day. Click here to check out what I wrote. The purpose of writing that post, just like anything I write, is to hopefully help someone in some tiny way. Even just to help one person would mean that my mission is accomplished.

The blog was published and Macmillan publicized it on twitter and Facebook. I’m not on Facebook. I have a rather passionate loathing for it and refuse to use it (even just to publicize It’s Character Building) so I was oblivious to the response the blog was getting. I was lying on a sun lounger in South Goa at the time when I received an email from Jazmine, the Online Community Officer at Macmillan, which read:

“The post has received some lovely comments on the Community and on Facebook. Thank-you so much for writing for us again, we really appreciate it. I’d be happy to continue to feature guest posts from you in the future if it’s something you’re interested in.”

Uuhhhh yeah! Of course I want to continue writing. *Seated happy dance and big grin* My friend asked me what was going on and so I used her Facebook to open this link

I couldn’t believe it! I started reading the comments and was blown away. The blog seemed to have prompted people to share their stories of loss and how mothers day affects them. I could see from the conversation threads that it had started a dialogue and opportunity for Macmillan to offer support. Reading all the comments made me feel less alone. I’m pretty young to have a dead parent and so I don’t really feel like I can relate to many people which can be very isolating. The response gave me comfort that I’m not the only one and hopefully it did that for other people too.

It was also brilliant to get tangible feedback on something I had written. I am totally honored to write for a national charity and to have it go down so well is really pleasing. I already have the next two posts in mind, so watch this space.

Aside from Macmillan, I have also written for Do-It, an amazing volunteering website. I wanted to share my experience of volunteering and how it has helped me, in order to inspire others to start. Check out the blog here and while you’re at it, check out the volunteering opportunities…you’ll be surprised at what’s available.

I do have another project in the offing for a national charity but I’ll let you know about that once I have something published, I have a habit of jinxing myself at the moment!

If you do enjoy anything I write, please do feel free to comment, like, share, etc. Please tag me in anything you share because I do love to see where my words end up.

Thanks everyone x

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