I volunteer for these guys and they are ace. They provide care packs to adult cancer patients at Northampton General Hospital, Three Shires Hospital and Milton Keynes Hospital. The packs include books, puzzles, toiletries and all sorts of lovely things to help keep people occupied and bring them some comfort during their hospital stay.

The best thing to happen in my working life was discovering this amazing co working space. I have been able to redefine my lifestyle and work alongside talented creative people. This is where I work when I’m writing and this is where I run my positivity courses. It’s literally my second home!

The lovely Soupervan team (Max, Gemma and Alex) from Bedford wanted to help rough sleepers so they converted an old caravan into a portable soup kitchen to offer shelter, support and a warm bowl of goodness. This community project was built on the basis of treating people as people.  

Who doesn’t love post that isn’t a bill? FMTYL provide a platform for people to write letters to individuals battling cancer. They run workshops across the UK to encourage people to write both to friends and relatives and to strangers.

I was lucky enough to take part in the Eden Community Camp in 2017 where I met inspirational community leaders from across the UK. I learnt about projects that are happening to bring people together and it inspired me to organise a street party with my neighbours. It kick started a huge change on my street and created a sense of togetherness that had been lacking.

Not only do I volunteer for the charity, I am also a paid employee on a part time basis. I passionately believe in the work the charity does to improve the lives of older people. My role as a Later Life Co-ordinator sees me support people and their carers/families in the last 18 months of their life. This is by far the most important work I’ve ever done.