Do I need a writer?

If you’re not sure, just get in contact! I’ll talk to you, for free and with no obligation. 
I write for websites, national magazines, brochures, social media, you name it, I write for it!
It may be that you have some words or themes already in mind and need someone to write in a clear and engaging way.
Alternatively, you may have no idea at all and need a bit of inspiration. Either way, I can help.
If you have existing text that didn’t quite hit the spot first time around or is outdated and needs freshening up, don’t hit the delete button!
I can review it for you, take away any filler or unnecessary words, check the spelling, punctuation and grammar and rewrite small sections to improve the overall piece.
If you hadn’t written it with keywords or SEO in mind, I can do that for you too.


I’ve got you covered!

What’s involved?

I like to work in collaboration with my clients and most importantly, to have fun. 


The initial discussion about your project involves you doing a lot of the talking.


I’m keen to understand you, your business and your audience. 


Following that initial chat, you’ll provide an outline brief and I work out a firm and realistic price for the project.


If additional work is needed as the project develops, we can discuss and agree on it together. 


Simple as that!

Professional Advice


I’m here to help you as an extension of your team. If I think something might work better being done differently, I’ll say. The final decision, of course, is always with you. 



I’ll submit the first draft and up to two further edits included in the quoted price. 



Once you are happy with the text and have paid for the project, the copyright is all yours. You can use the writing as many times as you wish for the purpose for which it was written. 

Something Special


The result will be your very own, grammatically correct, fluent, and audience-targeted original writing in a conversational style.