The Right Words

What is it they say? “The pen is mightier than the sword” I mean yeah, there’s got to be something in that. Words are our communication, they are our thoughts, our intentions. They show our beliefs, who we are as people. If they didn’t matter, people wouldn’t die protecting them.  I mean, obviously I rate […]

What Are We Here For? 

“Hi, sorry to interrupt you!” That’s how I normally start. Walking into a Cancer patient’s hospital room can be difficult, especially if they look really poorly and if they have family visiting. I just remember why I’m there, what my purpose is. I go on to tell them about The Lewis Foundation and the free packs we’re […]

Macmillan Blog #1

For those of you who follow my instagram and/or twitter you’ll already know that I wrote a blog for Macmillan that was posted on Friday. I’ve been mad busy with volunteering for Age UK and The Lewis Foundation since then as well as just, you know, life, so I’m a little late in letting blog followers know the news….Sorry!

I’m massively honored that Macmillan thought my blog was worthy of sharing with people. They tweeted out the link to their 634k followers and I’m not gonna lie, I did cry a little bit. (Happy tears obvs) For me, it’s a big deal to put my story out there and to let strangers know about my Mum and what I went through. The point of doing it was hopefully to help at least one person. I’ve had an amazingly lovely response from friends and strangers alike and it’s been fucking awesome. The best part is that Macmillan say I can write for them regularly. Eeeeeeek!!!

So, for those of you who didn’t see it, click here to take a look at the blog.

Thanks everyone for the love and support. If you like what you read, please feel free to share, like and subscribe. #spreadthelove

Be a Daisy

Considering my mandate for this whole blog thing was one of positivity, hope and happiness, I’m not entirely sure if I’m meeting that brief. Topics so far have included grief, Cancer, mental health and heartbreak. Perhaps not the cheeriest of subjects. So as I like to be true to my word, I thought I’d share […]