1 week to live

If I had a week to live

March 14, 2018
Today, I attended an “End of Life Masterclass” as part of my work for Age UK. It brought together 100 GP’s from across the county. I was there in order to give out information about our services and promote the...


August 25, 2017
A year ago I fucked up an entire wall in my spare room, brainstorming what I could do to make the world a slightly better place. The only thing I could think of (that I might be any good...

Macmillan Blog #1

February 12, 2017
For those of you who follow my instagram and/or twitter you’ll already know that I wrote a blog for Macmillan that was posted on Friday. I’ve been mad busy with volunteering for Age UK and The Lewis Foundation since then as well as just, you...