It is all men

April 1, 2021
*Content Warning: Sexual harassment, racism* I don’t know if I should be writing this As a cis, white, middle-class male, I know my voice isn’t important or educated in the myriad of absolutely abhorrent shit that women are subjected...

Kelly’s Experience of Sexual Harassments

March 21, 2021
*Content warning: Sexual Harassment* I have opened my blog to those who need to share their thoughts and feeling following the Sarah Everard murder and discussion around violence against women. Huge thank you to Kelly for sharing her experience...

Here she goes again: The Gender debate

July 4, 2018
Gender identity and equality have been raising their ugly heads again lately so I feel compelled to revisit the subject. I recently bought a necklace that displays the word “Feminist”. It’s one of those dainty gold appearance, handwritten-type necklaces....
womens march

International Women’s Day

March 7, 2018
Tomorrow, March 8th, is International Women’s Day (IWD) but what does that actually mean and what’s the point? Well, IWD is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The first IWD gathering in 1911...