August 25, 2017
A year ago I fucked up an entire wall in my spare room, brainstorming what I could do to make the world a slightly better place. The only thing I could think of (that I might be any good...

Who needs hair anyway?!

So you know when something seems like a really good idea at the time but afterwards you realise how fucking ridiculous it is? Well yeah, that’s kinda where I’m at. It’s Cancer’s fault. I’m blaming it entirely. You see, it got my Mum and now it’s trying to get my friend’s Mum and I’m not bloody having it! When my friend told me about her Mum I was proper pissed. (Angry, not drunk just to clarify for anyone who knows me) This was not going to happen to her and if it really is happening I need to do something to take back control. I’ve done the race for life and raised £700 (in yo’ face Cancer, you cunt) so I needed to do something bigger, more personal. Light bulb! I know, I’ll shave all my hair off! Because who needs hair anyway?! Plus I have short hair so it won’t take long to grow back! Plus really who needs hair? LOL

Well I now know why people need hair. Especially women. I was writing the blurb to go on my just giving page about what I was doing and why it’s a big deal. I was worried because I have short hair that people wouldn’t sponsor me much because it’s not like I have inches of long flowing locks that will take years to grow back. Turns out people don’t think like me and I’ve raised £500 in the space of a week. 1 week! 500 bloody English pounds! I can’t believe it. It’ll all be going to Macmillan who do awesome work supporting people with Cancer so that no one has to face it alone. So, it’s great. It’s amazing, right? I don’t half feel sick when I think about it though! I keep feeling my scull. What if I have a funny shaped head? What if I have a massive mole or birth mark I never knew about? My friend in Dublin, her work mate shaved her hair for charity and she was shouted at in the street. She was called a dyke. Can you imagine that people actually think/act like that? (Apart from 14 year old me but lets leave her in 1997).

EVERYONE I’ve spoken to about it has said that I’m brave. Literally everyone. It’s either the first thing they say or the second thing after “You’re mad”. Am I brave? I’m shaving my hair off to raise money for charity. I’m not a fire fighter running into a burning building to save someone’s life. You know who is brave? My friend’s Mum who is facing a battle with a disease that could kill her. It’s not going to, because she will fight it and she will win. You know who else is brave? My friend. Who’s Mum is ill. You know who else is brave? The consultant who had to tell my friend’s Mum that she has Cancer. Stop what you’re doing for a second and think about having to deliver that news to someone. Having to do that as your job. Do you know who else is brave? The NHS nurse who will be there to administer her chemotherapy. Imagine having to pump that awful shit into people, knowing that you’re going to make them worse before they get better. Knowing that some of the people you see won’t survive it. Those people are brave.

So yeah, I’m shaving my hair off and I feel pretty nervous about it. BUT it’s for the greater good and I want to raise as much as I can so please take a second to sponsor me.

Thank you and much love to everyone who is fighting and everyone who is truly brave.