The law of attraction

May 2, 2018

I had never heard of the law of attraction before meeting one of my neighbours at the street party I instigated last summer. She spoke passionately about how our thoughts become actions and our actions become outcomes. Her theory is that if you put your goal out into the universe as a thought or intention, it will be granted.

I recognised in Thinking About Thought, the power of our minds to frame our response to the world around us but that’s more of a reactive than proactive concept. So how is it that things can be granted and is it really the universe that is “giving us stuff”?

I remember going to Eden Project Community Camp last May and overhearing one of the attendees excitedly exclaiming “I manifested this shit!” I didn’t get it. No she hadn’t, she applied to go and was chosen but it wasn’t her who developed the idea of the camp or decided her application was successful. So actually which part of this was her manifestation?

Well, looking back on my life over the last 12 months, I can see where my choices have taken me but I hadn’t realised that the law of attraction had such a huge part to play in every single thing that’s happened and it seems that social media my catalyst.

For example, the Instagram picture I posted (see Life Changer) or the fact last August I posted on facebook:

I think it might be time for a new job….
I want something in Northampton, creative, fun, helping people. 3 – 4 days a week. Salary not massively important. Idea’s please……

Oh hi! Here I am with a new career, exactly as requested. Or that I watched this video in February about the Big Walk and shared it with the caption:

This video gave me all the feels. I want in!

Oh hi! I’m just casually back in Eden for training for my involvement in the big walk.

So surely if I post on Facebook that I want to win the lottery it’ll happen? Well probably not. Not for me anyway. Mainly because I don’t believe I could win and I don’t really want to.

I wanted a new job. I wanted to be part of the big walk and I whole heartedly believed I would be. Like the girl I mentioned earlier, someone else made the final decision as to whether I would be part of the big walk but I had demonstrated my worth during the telephone interview. I had taken part in Eden related events. I had shown my passion and commitment. Basically my thoughts had become my actions which had become outcomes.

So (in my opinion) the law of attraction isn’t about magic, or God, or luck, or fate, it’s about our desire and belief to make something happen. The more we put out our positive intentions, the more will come back to us.

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