To 16 year old me

October 25, 2017

First of all, you are so fucking beautiful, don’t listen to them! Any person who ever tries to make you feel shit about yourself is reflecting their own self loathing. Your ears and nose aren’t too big, your skin isn’t too dark, your body is perfect. Wear skirts! Your legs are amazing. I have no idea what your problem is. You’re unique and that’s the best part. Don’t ever try and fit in. All the people you think are important, really aren’t. Stop with the negative self talk.

That boy everyone tells you that you don’t love because you’re too young…. well you do. He doesn’t love you though. 26 year old Laura will want to double check – don’t let her, it’s a waste of time and energy. In fact, once it’s done, it’s done. Don’t go back to any of them. Don’t take the creative boy for granted, you’ll regret it and think of him often. When you meet the married guy. Run. Run fast in the opposite direction. You two are not the modern day equivalent of Romeo and Juliet. The only similarity is how dead you’ll feel once it’s over. Every person who you think loves you, will break their promises. It’s ok though, you’ll break promises and hearts too, that’s life. Be gentle with the beautiful girl and don’t be selfish, she’s fragile. The best time you’ll have is the first full year you’re single. That’s when you’ll learn the most about yourself. Don’t be sad because your life isn’t like other people’s. Your path is your own and it’s perfect.

Don’t roll your eyes when your mum calls you and instead, actually pick up the phone. There will be days when you would trade a limb to be able to speak to her on the phone again, even for a minute. Tell her you love her and how inspiring she is. Thank her for everything she’s done for you. Buy her flowers, just because. Everything she said, was true. Her words will keep you right.

You’re not the most important person in the world. It’ll come as a big shock when you realise that. You’ll go to university and learn more outside of lectures than in them. Study anyway, it’ll do you good. When you graduate you won’t know everything there is to know about life, even though it’ll feel like you do, you really don’t. You’ll be blessed with the most amazing friendships with truly amazing people. They’ll put up with a lot from you. Try harder to control your emotions. Communicate with others and be gentle with your words. They are powerful.

Be careful what you wish for. Everything you wanted at 18, you’ll have by 28 but you won’t find happiness in any of it. Look inside yourself. Leave London, leave that job, don’t worry about the pay cut. It’ll be the best move you ever make.

On the days where you’re close to giving up, don’t. Put the bottle down. The world will get better and the light will come back. You’ll get through things you never thought you could. You’ll keep picking yourself up over and over. Even though it’ll be difficult and painful, it won’t ruin you. You’ll develop a powerful resilience and optimism that will help others.

The most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. It’ll take you a long time to really like yourself but you’ll get there. You’ll learn a lot and you’ll make mistakes. You’ll sabotage yourself, you’ll self destruct, you’ll lose people because of your selfishness. You’ll be a cunt for a bit but it’ll all lead you to where you need to be. You’ll never stop learning. You’ll surround yourself with inspiring people. You’ll make a positive impact. You’re amazing, you just need to believe it. You’ll be alright in the end little one, I promise.

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  1. Love this, such a refreshing read and sounds very similar to what I’d tell my 16 year old self. The joy of hindsight! X

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