I Don’t Have Time

Hello lovely people! I’ve been a bit quiet lately because I’ve literally been all over the place… 3 countries and over 1000 miles travelled in the last week for work and fun. That said, I’ve been too tired to write. *sad face However, I did write a little something for do-it.org which is the most fantastic website […]

Well-Being Winner

I’ve been actively engaging in activities that are meant to improve your well-being because right now, it’s what I need. So I’m trying meditation (not going so well), exercise (does walking back and forth to the fridge count?), and talking therapy (the jury is out on that one). As part of this quest, I figured […]


I used to laugh at my Dad. I still do to be fair, but I used to laugh at him for a very specific reason; his total disinterest in “stuff”. Birthdays and Christmases were a nightmare. “What do you want?” I’d ask. “I don’t want anything.” He’d reply. Even when I rephrased the question to […]

What Are We Here For? 

“Hi, sorry to interrupt you!” That’s how I normally start. Walking into a Cancer patient’s hospital room can be difficult, especially if they look really poorly and if they have family visiting. I just remember why I’m there, what my purpose is. I go on to tell them about The Lewis Foundation and the free packs we’re […]

To Do: Don’t Cry

How to jinx your relationship in one easy step….write a blog about it. Sooooo, yeah, that’s done. *Laughs manically for a minute* Writing Get it Together probably wasn’t the smartest move. Relationship number 8 swirls down the toilet and disappears, without trace…… At least I’m consistent. One of the amazing things about writing a positivity blog is […]