Valentines Day

February 10, 2018

I always thought valentines was a bit of a wanky concept. It started at secondary school when the teachers arranged an anonymous love hearts and cards exchange. I didn’t get anything and I wasn’t alone as most of the school didn’t. It was essentially a popularity contest where the cool, confident kids received and sent gifts and that was it. Pointless united.

Fast forward to my first boyfriend, who in fairness did buy me cards and gifts, normally to make up for the fact he treated me so badly for the rest of the year. I think I’ve only had maybe three “single” valentines days but I can’t remember any of them, single or coupled up. I think that speaks volumes.

What is the point of valentines day though really? When there is an expectation to conform to something romantically, it takes the spontaneity out of it and it becomes contrived and forced. Thing is, we buy into this shit. Literally. We LITERALLY buy shit like cards and stuffed fluffy teddies with hearts on (puke) and roses that cost 50% less on February 15th. Why?

An estimated £1.6bn a year is spent on valentines day in the UK alone. Imagine what we could do with that kind of spending power as a society. Instead, we are feeding consumerism and posting about it on social media #boydonegood

I’m not saying we shouldn’t show our loved ones we care, I’m all for it! But what I am saying is that we should show that love all year round and in actions not material goods. Also, it shouldn’t be a day used to make single people feel inferior (cue the eHarmony membership sale).

I’m assuming if you were planning on it, you will have already bought your cards/gifts for this year, (if you haven’t, jeez you’re cutting it fine). But for next year, we have the power to change this capitalist BS.

“But Laura, I’ll be sleeping on the sofa for a week if I don’t buy something!”

OK, make something. Cook dinner. Do something that doesn’t cost money, like going for a walk somewhere beautiful. Run a bath. Give a massage. Look through old photos and reminisce. Write down 10 reasons that you love them and stick it on the fridge! Do something thoughtful, not expensive. Trust me, they’ll love the thought and effort you put in.

So what will I be doing this valentines? I’ll be hanging out with my single friends having drinks and nibbles and celebrating our fabulous lives and how much we love each other. Importantly, we won’t be spending money on rubbish because we’ve been told we should.

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