Why am I here?

August 14, 2017

I fucked up an entire wall in my spare room generating ideas that got me here. Seriously, I’ve written all over it. In highlighter pens, pink and blue to be precise. I’ll have to repaint the whole wall and no doubt the entire room because the fresh wall will be more “brilliant” white than the other three walls and the ceiling. Oh God, I forgot about the ceiling. What’s so brilliant about white? I’ll never know but maybe that’ll be the topic of the next blog….

DIY digressions aside, I guess I should introduce myself and slap on some ever comforting labels so y’all can put me in the necessary pigeon holes. Ok, so I’m a white female, 33, bisexual, I live alone in the Midlands, UK (no cats, that’s a whole other story), I’m an atheist, a feminist, I guess you could call me a young professional. That’s the CV version. The real life version is I trip up every day. Literally trip up. Whether I’m wearing flats or heels, whether I’m sober or drunk (more often when I’m sober surprisingly). I swear like a trooper. I can’t help it, I don’t do it to be big or clever it’s just my vocabulary. I ponder the big questions in life like why can’t I watch Netflix through my Sky package and when is the Donald Trump joke going to fast forward to the punch line? I’m pretty average over all.

So why write a blog then? I hear you ask. Well, I wanted to do something creative that might make people happy. I was inspired by Emily Coxhead who’s in the business of making people happy and I thought – if she can do it, so can I. I asked my friends and family what I’m good at and once I had sifted through the piss takers, I had lots of lovely feedback about how I am positive and motivating. So the highlighters bought me here. The reason I named the blog “It’s Character Building” is because it refers to what my late Mum used to describe as anything difficult, challenging or bad in life. It’s strange that she didn’t link it to positive experiences as they too build character but I guess their metaphorical blow doesn’t need to be softened. I’m not really sure where it’s going to go but the theme will be one of positivity, hope and happiness. At this stage, if someone actually reads this I’ll be happy. Major bonus if they enjoy it, but one step at a time.

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