You do you boo

July 18, 2018

This week I’m honoured to have a very special guest blogger, my partner-in-happy, Paige Taylor. Paige and I work together on The Happy You Project and she is a yoga instructor and Ayurvedic practitioner. Paige has taught me many things in the short time I’ve known her. She is one of the few people I connected with straight away and she feels like the little sister I always wanted. Check out her thoughts below:

How many times have you had an idea or thought that you were soooo excited about, got it out all on paper and then the doubt, anxiety and worry kicks in and the paper disappears into a drawer along with all the other dreams and goals you had?

For a long time, I had severe social anxiety and I still do to some degree today. I constantly worried about everything and anything. That I was not good enough, that I wasn’t as skinny as I was 5 years ago, every time I scrolled through Instagram people were doing amazing things with their lives and I wasn’t. There were many days, nights, weeks, months where I questioned everything about who and what I was and ultimately came up with the conclusion that I wasn’t good enough to fulfil my dreams and I never would be.

I decided to pack my bags and go away for a few months to try and figure things out. That trip taught me that you will only ever have yourself, and in the famous words of Drake, “You don’t have to prove shit to no one except yourself.” You have to do what is right for you, not because you think someone else will approve.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet some amazing people who have offered a safe space for me to feel comfortable enough to be myself and who have embraced and supported me in my dreams and goals. They encourage me to truly see that authenticity is the goal of finding happiness and success in life.

My brother was one of the first people that truly showed me that life is too short to be anything but yourself, and when I came to him for advice or guidance he would always say “You do you boo”. According to Urban Dictionary, this means ‘When a person wants to do something that will cause them to be judged but they do it anyway’. What I take from that is no matter what you do, someone will have something to say and that’s ok. You can’t please everyone, and you’re not here to.

Ultimately, you are the creator of your own happiness, and it is so easy to lose your authenticity in an age of performance. But what does that performance cost you? Your happiness? Your well-being? Your self-esteem or confidence? Let’s all try and be champions of authenticity and embrace who we are, remembering that life is forgiving. Focus on yourself, be kind to yourself and do you, boo.

To learn more about Paige, check out her website

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  1. Om(Aka I’m) Glad You , LAURA and Paige, are DOING YOU!! IT DOES YOUR SOUL GOOD…and it spreads like wildfire…I am here navigating the space of Word Press trying to muster up the courage to start my own page…and feeling all that you pretty much summarized my thoughts down to the “I’M not GOOD Enough syndrome”! Anyway this was, I believe a Divinely Guided place for me to stop by!!
    Keep DOING YOU BOO{S}(Plural lol) because you never know which Boo you will inspire!

    Ps. Where are those Beautiful Amethyst Wings At????

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